........................................PROGRAMME SUMMARY
GACOP - the Greater Accra Community Development Programme, seeks the welfare of low-income, under-served, poor communities in the Greater Accra Region, to curb unemployment and poverty while facilitating community development through self-help.

GACOP is open to all indigenes and residents of the Greater Accra Region. The whole idea is for all indigenes of the Region to accept responsibility for the development of the communities they come from, whether they still live there or not. The ultimate target of GACOP is to see a replication of GACOP in all the regions of Ghana. This will serve as a bottom-up approach to development to augment the business-as-usual top-down approach to development.

GACOP will partner with donors, sponsors and the beneficiary communities, to implement a system of self-help that will engender in each community:
  1. Incorruptible Leadership and Selflessness
  2. Standardized Quality Education and Community-Based Scholarships
  3. Preventive Health Care and Personal Responsibility for Sanitation and the Environment
  4. Job Creation with Youth Creating Jobs for Youth
GACOP will make maximum gains through:
  1. The use of local language for all presentations and interactions to ensure understanding and buy-in
  2. Community ownership, knowledge sharing, networking and patronization of community products and services
  3. Town meetings, Seminars and workshops to share ideas and join hands to implement agreed projects
  4. Transformation of existing infrastructure and waterways in the communities into business spaces and ventures
  5. Instituting effective sanitation regimes and environmental protection as a daily responsibility of each individual and entity
  6. A Train-and-Employ and Train-and-Incubate concept, to ensure youth employment within the  communities
  7. Identification of job creation opportunities within the communities, within the concept of Youth-Creating-Jobs-for-Youth
  8. Provision of in-kind soft loans with realistic payment conditions.
Please join us as a:
Member: Dues are as much as you can afford and could be in-cash or in-kind
Patron   : Provide advice and/or funds in cash or kind for projects
Donor   : Provide funds in cash and/or kind for operations and projects. You can be a recurrent or seasonal donor
Sponsor: Provide funds in cash or kind for projects with reliastic rewards